The Greater Houston Teen Book Convention
What is TeenBookCon?
Get an idea of what to expect from this video created by the Alief Taylor student news crew:

 Q: Do I need to register for TeenBookCon?

A: There is no advance registration and no tickets are required to attend TeenBookCon! When you arrive at TeenBookCon, make sure you fill out a door prize entry form. There will be one for teens and one for adults and we'll have prize drawings for both that will be announced during lunch! TeenBookCon is open to everyone (and FREE thanks to our generous Sponsors). Priority seating will be given to teens at all sessions.

Q: How does the TeenBookCon work?

A: Part 1: The Keynote Address begins at 10 a.m. in the Taylor Theater. The doors will open at 9 a.m. for book sales and entertainment. We will have booths set up with fun activities leading up to the Keynote Address. Everyone will want to make their way to the theater by 10 a.m. for author introductions and the Keynote Address.

A: Part 2: After the Keynote Address, authors will head to their panel rooms and teens will choose from different panels to attend. Panels are listed here. All authors will speak on their panels multiple times. You choose which panels you would like to attend. The authors will stay in their rooms and teens will move from room to room to attend the different panel discussions (kind of like classes during the day in high school, only WAY more fun)!

A: Part 3: After the Panel Sessions, we reconvene in the Taylor Theater for the Closing Speech!

A: Part 4: At the end of the day, there will be an autographing session with all TeenBookCon authors. Books will be available for purchase throughout the day at TeenBookCon thanks to our partner, Blue Willow Bookshop. The full schedule is posted on the TeenBookCon website.

Q: Will I be able to hear every author speak at TeenBookCon?

A: Unless you can clone yourself, sadly, the answer is no. There will be almost 40 authors at this year's TeenBookCon. You will be choosing from 7 panel sessions which will repeat only 4 times. So spend some time studying the panel sessions before TeenBookCon to make sure you get to see those authors you are most excited about!

Q: How do I get to see the authors I'm most excited about?

A: You don't register ahead of time for any particular author session. Each author will speak multiple times, so you have several chances to hear him speak. We welcome all community members, but if teens are waiting to get into a crowded session, any seated adults will be asked to give up their places for teens. If you don’t get a seat in your first choice panel, go to another room and try again during the next session. The schedule of the day is on the TBC website under the Schedule tab. We work hard to make sure there is adequate space for everyone to get to see their authors.

 Q: Can I bring my own books for the authors to sign at TeenBookCon?

A: Yes, here is the full scoop about books at TBC: Blue Willow Bookshop is the official bookseller of TeenBookCon.  All featured authors’ books will be available for purchase throughout the day. 

All authors will be available to sign only books.  You must purchase a book at TeenBookCon to get into the signing lines.

You may buy as many books as you would like to have signed that day, but to enter the signing lines, you must have a receipt from Blue Willow showing that you have purchased at least one of the authors’ books from the festival. 

*Your receipt from Blue Willow will also entitle you to bring 2 additional books from home to be signed by the authors as well.

Cash and Credit Cards will be accepted. Buy books at the festival, support TBC, and then have the books signed by your favorite authors at the end of the day. How cool is that!

Q: I'm not a teen, can I still come to TeenBookCon?

A: Yes, TeenBookCon welcomes all fans of YA literature. Please keep in mind that TeenBookCon is first and foremost an event for teens so we ask that in all panel sessions, teens be given the chance to ask questions of our authors first and also, as we mentioned earlier, if a panel session becomes full, any seated adult will be asked to give up their seat to make room for teens! Please keep in mind that due to the tight schedule of TeenBookCon, there will not be an opportunity to conduct interviews with TeenBookCon authors.

Q: What if we want to bring a bus full of teens to the event?

A: Yay! We welcome large groups to TeenBookCon. Please see the parking map for details on where buses should drop off teens. Be sure you and your students know where you will be meeting at the end of the day as the pick-up area for buses will be the same as the drop-off area. Chaperoning your students is up to you.

If you are bringing a large group, please email us at teenbookcon [at] gmail [dot] com to let us know approximately how many will be in your group. We will send you registration slips in advance to make the registration process a breeze!

Q: Where do I park?

A: There is a map of Alief Taylor High School on the TBC website which shows general event parking, staff only parking and bus parking. Please note that the north end of the building will be in use for another event and TeenBookCon attendees will be redirected to the south lot for parking. BUSES will be asked to park in designated areas separate from passenger car parking.

Q: Can I pre-order lunch at TeenBookCon?

A: Tickets for our lunch options will be for sale in the morning as you arrive. All food sales (other than the food trucks) are cash only. If you would like to be able to go straight from the first panel session to the food lines, make sure you buy your lunch tickets when you arrive to save time at lunch! Food and drink tickets will also be sold during lunch, so if you want more food, just head back to the ticket line and you're set!

Please note the food trucks cannot take the lunch tickets.

Amy's Ice Creams will be on-site again this year to sell their delicious desserts with a part of the proceeds donated back to TeenBookCon. Amy's takes cash only, so make sure you bring a few extra dollars for some sweet treats!

Q: How can I contribute to TeenBookCon?

A: Our generous partners and sponsors are what keeps TBC free for all to attend. We are always looking for sponsors that would be a good fit with TeenBookCon (and TBC a good fit for them!). If you know of any businesses or organizations that you think would be interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at teenbookcon [at] gmail [dot] com. We rely on both monetary and in-kind donations! If you are an individual who would like to contribute, every amount helps and all donations are tax deductible. Please visit that section of the website for more info.

Q: Yeah, all that was great info, but I still have questions. Who should I contact?

A: If you still have questions about TeenBookCon, please visit our website. Contact info is at the bottom of every page!

Get directions to Alief Taylor HS from Google.

  • Have fun!
  • Meet all of your favorite and soon-to-be-favorite authors
  • Attend the Keynote Address at 10 a.m.
  • Sit in on different author panels throughout the day
  • Listen to music by local teens
  • Have an author sign your book at the end of the day
  • Hang out with your friends and meet other teens who love reading
  • Join us for books, prizes, pizza, food trucks and fun!