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TeenBookCon Flame


Photo Credit: Two Cats Communications

TeenBookCon is...

...a volunteer committee made up of librarians, teachers, and other lovers of young adult literature, who come together at monthly planning meetings to make sure that our annual event day, held in March or April each year, is a fantastic opportunity for teens from the greater Houston area and beyond to meet their favorite authors and discover new authors.

TeenBookCon Committee Members holding a Save the Date sign.


Cathy Berner - programming
Lisa Stultz - technology
​Marco Zannier Virginillo - finances

Lisa Nguyen - co-chair
William Schaller - co-chair

Committee Members

Rebecca Gruen

Laura Fuller
MC Brickell
Zainab Jabak
Kim Herrington
Jenny Hinojosa 
Kimberly McCalla
Lois Barker
Valerie Koehler
Elizabeth Boggs
Maddie Munson
Christina Scholl
Sean Heller
Rebecca Denham
Ann Dolbee
Kelly Kiehnhoff
Kelly Hanneman
Rachael Welsh
Cassandra Shuptar
Heather Swanner
Mindy Garcia

Authors and Book Sales

Valerie Koehler

​Cathy Berner

View our Mission Statement,
Goals, and ​Code of Conduct

Please know that we work hard all year long to plan the best event possible!

Each year we take your feedback and use it to improve on the next year's event. If you have suggestions for ways we can be even better next year, please reach out by email to let us know.

​​If you are interested in joining our planning committee, please email us, at!

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