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TeenBookCon Flame

Photo Credit: Two Cats Communications

2023 TeenBookCon Sponsors
Sponsors: Text

Author Level Sponsors ($2,000+):

SPONSOR: Scholastic Logo

Novel Level Sponsors ($1,000-$1,999):

SPONSOR: Underlined Logo

Chapter Level Sponsors ($500-$999):
SPONSOR: TorTeen Logo
SPONSOR: Sora, by OverDrive

Reader Level Sponsors ($200-$499):

SPONSOR: Riveted Simon Teen Logo
SPONSOR: Dolan Law Firm
SPONSOR: Bloomsbury Logo
SPONSOR: Ramsey Law Logo

Partners in support of teens and authors:    

  • Alief ISD (visit their website)

  • Bloomsbury (visit their website)

  • Candlewick (visit their website)

  • Disney (visit their website)

  • Flatiron Books (visit their website)

  • Harper Kids (visit their website)

  • MPS (visit their website)

  • Penguin Young Readers US (visit their website)

  • Scholastic (visit their website)

  • Simon and Schuster (visit their website)

  • Sourcebooks (visit their website)

  • Tor Teen (visit their website)

  • Sora, by OverDrive (visit their website)

  • Starbucks at Buffalo Speedway and Westpark (visit their website)

  • Westin Hotel (visit their website)

*for details on becoming a sponsor, please see additional information below: 


Mission: To celebrate and promote reading by connecting teens with authors.

The goals of the TeenBookCon are to:
•    Connect teen readers to local and national authors and illustrators
•    Educate, enrich, inform, and entertain local teens and other participants
•    Promote literacy skills
•    Encourage interaction between aspiring writers and established authors
•    Celebrate the educational and recreational benefits of teen reading
Who will come?
•    The target audience is teens who are in grades 7 - 12
•    We welcome teachers, librarians, parents, and other advocates for teen literacy attending with their teens
•    The Festival will be promoted throughout the greater Houston area at public libraries, schools, and other youth oriented agencies  

How will the Festival work?
•    Author and illustrator presentations 
•    Five 40-minute breakout sessions allowing smaller groups to interact directly with the authors and illustrators
•    Signing and book/t-shirt sales with the authors and illustrators

How much financial support is needed?
Approximately $5,000 - $10,000 is needed for this event.  This budget covers:
•    Author’s travel costs (airfare or driving costs)
•    Lodging and meals for invited authors and illustrators
•    Publicity and other necessary support materials (advertising costs, posters, bookmarks, fliers, signage, t-shirts for volunteers, etc.)

Why become a TeenBookCon Partner?
•    Teens and the entire community will benefit from the generosity and vision of those that believe this event is worthy of participation and support
•    This is a visible event – reaching throughout Harris County and surrounding areas.  Partners will be clearly thanked and prominently displayed on all promotional and Festival materials    
•    Partners will be seen as being supportive of libraries, the communities they serve, and the youth that are the futures of those communities


AUTHOR LEVEL - $2000 and up
•    Name and/or logo and website link on the TeenBookCon website
•    Prominent display of your company banner at the convention
•    Highlighted display of name and/or ​logo on official sponsor boards
•    Name and/or logo on t-shirts, worn by all volunteers and sold at the convention
•    Recognition in press releases and media coverage
•    Name and/or logo on printed programs
•    Company materials in book sale bags
•    Stage announcements 
•    Table signage at author book signing
•    Name and/or logo on all author breakout session rooms

NOVEL LEVEL - $1000-$1999
•    Name and/or ​logo and website link on the TeenBookCon website
•    Prominent display of your company banner at the convention
•    Name and/or logo on t-shirts, worn by all volunteers and sold at the convention
•    Name and/or logo on printed programs
•    Stage announcements
•    Name and/or logo on all author breakout session rooms

CHAPTER LEVEL - $500-$999
•    Name and/or logo and website link on the TeenBookCon website
•    Name and/or logo on t-shirts sold at the convention
•    Name and/or logo on all Convention posters

READER LEVEL – $200 to $499
•    Name and/or logo and website link on the TeenBookCon website 

PAGE LEVEL – up to $199

•    Name on the TeenBookCon website 

Recognition opportunities can be flexible to meet your needs! TeenBookCon relies on donations in order to offer free admission. Will you help us promote literacy and lifelong reading?

All donations help and are tax deductible.

You can make secure donations directly from your bank account through your bank's app / website (if your bank is one of over 150 banks that uses Zelle) ​or you can download the Zelle app.  You can also use Paypal for a secure credit card donation. If you prefer sending a paper check, please email us: "".

We are thrilled to express our deepest gratitude to our amazing sponsors for making TeenBookCon a resounding success! Our partners' and sponsors' generous support helped to:

  • Promote literacy and a love of reading among teens.

  • Connect teens with inspiring authors.

  • Create a vibrant and engaging space to celebrate reading.

Without our partners' and sponsors' contributions, none of this would have been possible. We are incredibly grateful for their commitment to fostering a love of reading and empowering teen minds.

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