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TeenBookCon Flame

Photo Credit: Two Cats Communications

The 2024 TeenBookCon Authors have been revealed on social media! See below for the full lineup!
Melissa Albert
Keynote Author: Melissa Albert
Book: The Bad Ones
Tahereh Mafi
Keyonte Author: Tahereh Mafi
Book: All This Twisted Glory
Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé
Author: Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé
Book: Where Sleeping Girls Lie
Bethany Baptiste
Author: Bethany Baptiste
Book: The Poisons We Drink
Gabi Burton
Author: Gabi Burton
Book: Sing Me to Sleep
Kamilah Cole
Author: Kamilah Cole
Book: So Let Them Burn
Mason Deaver
Author: Mason Deaver
Book: Okay, Cupid
Huda Fahmy
Author: Huda Fahmy
Book: Huda F Cares?
Carolina Ixta
Author: Carolina Ixta
Book: Shut Up, This is Serious
Kim Johnson
Author: Kim Johnson
Book: Invisible Son
Jason June
Author: Jason June
Book: The Spells We Cast
Tony Keith Jr.
Author: Tony Keith Jr.
Book: How the Boogeyman Became a Poet
Melissa Landers
Author: Melissa Landers
Book: Make Me a Liar
Axie Oh
Author: Axie Oh
Book: ASAP (an XOXO novel)
Ellen Oh
Author: Ellen Oh
Book: The Colliding Worlds of Mina Lee
Liselle Sambury
Author: Liselle Sambury
Book: Tender Beasts
John Schu
Author: John Schu
Book: Louder Than Hunger
Kristen Simmons
Author: Kristen Simmons
Book: Find Him Where You Left Him Dead
Talia Tucker
Author: Talia Tucker
Book: Rules for Rule Breaking
Ngozi Ukazu
Author: Ngozi Ukazu
Book: BUNT!
Edward Underhill
Author: Edward Underill
Book: This Day Changes Everything
Dale Walls
Author: Dale Walls
Book: The Queer Girl is Going to be Okay
Brittany N. Williams
Author: Brittany N. Williams
Book: Saint Seducing Gold
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